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Increase Your Cash Flow With Emails

Helping your e-commerce store grow cash flow quickly by engaging, informing and getting your customers to buy more from you through email marketing.

Email. You know it works.

It is tempting to go out to the market to hustle harder and spending on ads to get more leads, hopefully, sales.

It’s great that you may get some immediate sales from your marketing and advertising activities.

But that’s just the top 3% because you reached the right people at the right time with the right opportunity. 

How about the remaining 97% who have indicated some interest but did not commit to a purchase decision in that moment?

Oh, how about the those who have already bought some stuff from you previously?

Surely you can get them to buy more as well.

You just don’t have the time to write them.

You’d think writing emails should be easy.

After all, you’ve been responding and corresponding using emails and phone messages on a daily basis.

However, such random activity of emailing and pray approach without a well thought out strategy will only get you inconsistent results.

The email funnel.

What you need is someone who can strategise and create email funnels for you.

And write those email copy that will excite, evoke an emotion so strong and inspiring that only the act of buying from you will satisfy the desire.

In short, emails that converts contacts into customers.

But these emails are not manipulative at all.

Neither it is "in-your-face salesy".

Cos' no one likes these type of emails.

Instead, it is emails that educate, inform and inspire works really well.


I'm a email conversion strategist.

Hi, I am Andrew Wong.

I've been involved in face-to-face selling for the past 30 years.

From print advertising space to web designs to complex cyber security solutions.

I've designed websites for clients like AirAsia, Nissan Malaysia, the Brunei Government and served as a member of the Malaysia's National Y2K Task Force to develop and manage the website.

Was awarded an e-Business Leadership award by IBM way back during the height of dot-com era.

And the constant tool in my sales arsenal was email.

So it was natural for me to focus on email marketing when I decided to venture out on my own last year.

Because, well, it just works.

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My 3-step process to writing those sales boosting and relationship bonding emails.



Emails that are written on the back of researching your customer extensively. So that the message is written in a tone and style that resonates with them.



Each email is part of a chain of emails designed to move your audience from curiosity to gotta-buy-this frenzy. I call it the email funnel. 



Emails that are written in a story form that carries your brand's personality and your voice. Just as if you were to write them yourself.

I work best in these categories.

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Want to generate more sales from your store visitors and stop losing sales from abandoned carts?

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Want your courses to sell like hot cakes and your course memberships to be renewed all the time?