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Get cash flowing in by turning your one time buyers into raving fans and repeat buyers.

Tired of the daily grind...

You hustle everyday.

From pleading with suppliers to lower the cost price to sell their products.

Pouring over your Facebook Ads Manager worrying about rising ad costs and falling ROAS.

Fretting over your competitors price undercut your offerings.

Seeing your margins drop for each product that you ship out your store.

Feeling that you are just making up the numbers to help the e-comm marketplaces get bigger.

This is not the future you were dreaming of...

Selling online should be easy and profitable.

It's borderless. The world is your market.

That's what got you started.

Yeah, that's what 24 million e-comm store operators globally thought too!

However, only 1mil stores are selling more than $1,000 a year.

In South East Asia alone, there were 164 million online buyers with most of them flocking to the big three online marketplaces like Shopee, Lazada and Tokopedia.

So how are you going to compete against these giants?

How can you increase your cash flow by selling more and spending less on ads?

You want to avoid the fight to the bottom.

The thing with online marketplaces is that e-comm sellers like yourself are competing against each other with price and shipping costs determining who the buyers will buy from.

And you know that this is a fight to the bottom.

People buy from people they know and trust.

One smart way is to protect your margins is by building your own audience.

Turn those one time buyers in your fans.

Because, people buy from the people that they know and trust. 

Can you make a $1 extra from every customer every month?

Instead of chasing new customers and spending more money on ads to attract them, how about spending some time to engage your existing customers to get them to buy more from you?

Even buy other products from you or make repeat purchases.

How about making an extra $1 or more per customer per month from your list?

Email. Your cash flow turbo booster.

Email. Your low cost and highly effective marketing machine to reach out and engage with your customers.

Because getting new buyers with ads are going to be much more difficult and costlier.

The big players like Amazon, Shopee, Lazada and more are already using emails.

Even Facebook reaches out to its biggest revenue contributor - advertisers like you by using emails.

So why can't you?

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Done For You.

Experiencing more than 68.8% abandoned cart rate and don't know how to get them back to press the BUY button?

Don't know how to set up an email marketing system?

Don't know how to write your email or have no time to write them?

Feeling overwhelmed with all the email tech setup?

Interested to have me solve them for you?

Just fill in the form below and I'll set up a Zoom call to see whether you'll enjoy working with me:

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About Andrew Wong

Firstly, I'm not a coach nor some "guru".

I'm just a guy who geeks out on email marketing and have used emails to generate leads and sales throughout my career that spanned over 30 years.

And I have invested thousand of hours and money to learn from established email marketers and copywriters on how to craft emails that converts to sales.

Here's a little secret...not all of them are applicable.

So, I have distilled the useful ones and also leveraged on my own experience to share with you those that are practical and works...specifically for someone without a huge email list and a well known name (like myself).

And if it can work for me, I'm sure, it will also work for you and your business too...without needing to spend thousands of dollars like I did.

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